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The Enna and Associates Difference

Why work with Rick Enna?

Rick Enna is a member agent of The Nautilus Group®, a service of New York Life Insurance Company.  The Nautilus Group® comprises a select national membership of more than 200 highly skilled and experienced Nautilus member agents who work hand in hand with an in house team of specialists in tax, law, life insurance, accounting and charitable giving.  Together, Nautilus member agents and The Nautilus Group® professional staff design customized strategies in the following key areas:

  • Family protection
  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Business Succession and Exit Planning
  • Executive Benefits
  • Philanthropy

Employing a consultative process, Rick and The Nautilus Group® professional staff will collaborate with the client and the client's circle of professionals to help clarify and achieve the objectives most important to the client and their family.  Peace of mind is the goal!

Since every client has unique requirements, Rick employs an individualized case development strategy.  He will engage in an open dialogue that focuses on a client's goals, challenges, opportunities, and dreams.

Only after achieving a better understanding of your particular issues, Rick and the professional Nautilus Group® staff will begin to:

  • Examine legal documents
  • Present and project a client's current situation
  • Quantify planning alternatives
  • Suggest alternative strategies that may get a client closer to their goals
  • Research and assess current legal issues
  • Provide product suggestions as needed

Rick incorporates several specific steps to create an individualized plan of action:

  • Clarify a client's desired outcomes
  • Create client analysis
  • Take appropriate action

As a client's objectives and life situation changes, Rick and his operation will be with them every step of the way to keep them on track.

By using a combination of knowledge, expertise and resources, Rick is eminently qualified to accompany a client on their journey to achieve the goals set for them and those they love.  Whatever a client's needs, Rick can help them realize their vision.

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